Leader Academy is a product of a dream which was pursued for 10 years. The main goal of the academy is to cast a different light on the term leader. Leader is not the person who underline his achievements but acts persistently on accomplishing his deeds in favor of his companions and the society itself. Leader is a person who makes small steps every day towards improving himself and the people around him. Leader Academy creates an environment which facilitates the process of building such leaders – responsible and proactive, who invest in themselves and nourish their talents and foremost are willing to make the efforts to achieve the desired outcomes.

The mission of Leader Academy is to unite young people from different nationalities and cultures by providing a productive and creative environment for the purpose of self-discovery, personal growth and development of key competences for achieving success. 
All this through individual approach and mentoring for building an anction plan and strategy that make the participant’s dreams a reality.


Talent Factory Camp

Emotions, friendships, topics for discussions and foremost willingness for self-discovery, proactivity, progress and making dreams visible and measurable.

It is not true that people stop pursuing dreams because they grow old, they grow old because they stop pursuing dreams.’ 

                                                                                                         Gabriel García Márquez

Discover your strengths and talents, what is your Talent Factor – what do you enjoy doing and make yourself a gift with a week in which nothing will be more important than the things you desire, than your dreams! 

You will be able to find the way you wish to improve yourself,  get to know people from different countries and nationalities, make lifelong friendships, meet trainers who will share their knowledge and inspire you. 

All this – in an informal, productive and creative environmet in one of the most beautiful mountains in Bulgaria – Pirin.



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