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Mission and Values

A few words about our mission and values

The mission is to help the future generations find their purpose in life. We aim to do this by exposing them to diverse experiences and to successful leaders who can teach through example.

The Target Groups are teenagers between 16-19 years of age and people in their 20s.

Talent does not always manifest itself in the same way therefore we provide the environment to enable the participants to find their purpose without taking away the creativity of discovery.

The academy will unite formal and informal learning by offering an environment in which participants develop these personal skills, receive new and useful knowledge about themselves, and are given the opportunity to put these newfound skills into practice.

Leader Academy’s focus is on personalized development by analyzing the talent, interests and potential of the individual. In the task of discovering the skills of the participants, a wide range of practicing professionals will be involved. Academic and career counselors, psychologists, coaches as well as business leaders will combine their expertise in seeking out people’s strengths.

Leader Academy utilizes innovative methodologies to bring Business and Education much closer. The lost connection between educational institutions and business affects every single aspect of life. That is why reconstructing this connection is a priority of Leader Academy, to have these sides work together as partners.

The Academy attracts Leaders from diverse backgrounds who have already proven themselves. Their example is the main tool to enlightened young talent and provide them the vision to embark on their chosen journeyLeader Academy’s purpose is to change the conventional approach to education and to work with the pioneers of tomorrow’s education.

Our Team



Academic and Professional Guidance, connecting people living all over the world in a network.

Program 28

28 universities from 28 countries will take part in an experiment that has never been done before.


Leader Academy, within International Educational Business Center, provides modern and well-equipped campus, at which you can feel as you are at home. On the ground floor there is space, suitable for offices and different kinds of businesses, functionally connected with the main activity of International Educational Business Center.

Leader Academy is placed on the whole first floor in the pentagon-shape. There are 8 auditoriums with different capacity, library, resting area, spacious lounges for relaxation, administrative department and faculty offices.

International Business Education Center provides parking for all visitors.

Education Through Art

We believe that art plays very important role in education and through it participants could learn to think out of the box and use their imagination without limits. In this sense providing a creative environment for people with common interests is essential.

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